Bassa Mawem

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​When you started competing in international competitions, did you see yourself being in the top-10?
Yes because the objective is to become the best climber.
What motivated you to compete rather than just to climb outside?
Whether in my personal life or in my sport career, I've always been a competitive person.
What are some struggles you face as an athlete?
My biggest struggle is not to hurt me more
What influenced you to start competing?
Just me! I like to challenge myself
Who most helped you get to where you are right now?
The first person that has helped me is named Romuald Bernard. He had bought himself the speed climbing holds. After a lot of people around me supported me but today it is the federation and its members who give me the means to get there.
What advice could you give to Young Athletes?
To get there you must want it, to believe it and to get the sponsors

Training and eating

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