Jongwon CHON

Jongwon CHON

Age: 24 (1996)
Hometown: Seoul
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Personal details

When you started competing in international competitions, did you see yourself being in the top-10?
After finised my first world cup season in 9th place I was sure that I would be able to do even better in the next 2015 season
What motivated you to compete rather than just to climb outside?
I was given my first chance to compete and to appear in the world cup and it made me want to do it more and get better results
What are some struggles you face as an athlete?
It is hard to maintain a good physical condition all the time
What influenced you to start competing?
The desire to do well seems to have a big inflvence on me
Who most helped you get to where you are right now?
Sa sol because I train together with have been a big help for me
What advice could you give to Young Athletes?
To be honest because climbing is a physical activity your results depend on your mind too

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