IFSC Main partners

Earth Corporation

IFSC Official MAIN Partner

Earth Corporation has been devoted to helping people live happy, healthy lives for more than a century since their founding in 1892, growing steadily together alongside society in the process.

These days, mentalities toward environmental cleanliness, safety and reliability, and other such concepts have a significant impact on the way people live their lives. Increasingly, people are expressing their desire to live fuller, more enjoyable lives. Earth Corporation always makes themselves a part of the lifestyle of the times, and offer comfort that is a step ahead. This attitude toward the creation of products is something they hold dear.

Their strength is found in their many products beloved by customers. Earth Corporation always thinks of the customer first and constantly work to make the customer experience better, for added satisfaction and convenience. As part of their global growth aspirations, they are also working to address the diverse needs of customers around the world.

Under their corporate philosophy “We act to live in harmony with the Earth.”, they are committed to growing together with society by providing products and services that people around the world truly need.

In addition to initiatives aimed at the future, they will promote effective and consistent CSR activities in the environment, society, and governance, under their CSR Policy, to fulfill their broadening corporate social responsibilities, given their growing mission. They aim to be a value-delivering company that all of their stakeholders can feel happy and proud to be a part of.


IFSC Official Climbing Wall Partner

In 1985, ENTRE-PRISES (EP) created the first climbing hold alongside designer and climber François Savigny, revolutionising the future of climbing.

Pioneers in the climbing wall industry, EP designs, develops, manufactures and installs bespoke solutions for clients around the world. EP also operates and maintains tailor-made solutions for clients’ climbing & leisure experiences.

EP’s mission statement is to bring climbing and its values to everyone.

Why choose Entre-Prises?

Large Product Offering

EP solutions cater for any project: From school walls to complex structures for international competitions, by way of fun climbing structures (Clip ‘n Climb), training structures (Monkey Space), as well as a full range of holds and volumes.

Quality Design

EP customises the design of each project to facilitate the installation, routesetting and maintenance, without compromising safety. Each project is unique!

Transparency & Collaboration

EP project, installation and maintenance teams work closely with their clients and are able to communicate in the client’s native language. Planning, flexibility and problem-solving are key elements.

Local Partner

With 8 international offices EP acts as a true local partner, with solutions which may be customised that provide comprehensive support to customers and their projects.

EP trust in Sport Climbing and have been supporting the IFSC since its creation in 2007. Recognised for its outstanding quality, EP is an:

  • IFSC Official Speed Wall Manufacturer
  • IFSC Official Sport Equipment supplier for Holds, Macros and Volumes

Moreover, EP was selected to be the supplier of the first-ever Olympic Sport Climbing wall. After providing the Sport Climbing wall for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, it is another great step forward for EP as the longest-standing IFSC partner.


Japan Airlines

IFSC Official Airline Partner

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL), is the flag carrier airline of Japan and the first Japanese airline to venture overseas. For 65 years, JAL has pursued an incredible determination to support dreams and the people who have them. Now, JAL joins the IFSC in supporting the development of sport climbing, set to feature at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

JAL aims to pass on a better society to the next generation through the airline business. The company’s “Fostering the Next Generation” program provides hands-on educational experiences and social welfare to children, and Japan Airlines also supports young athletes by encouraging JAL Mileage Bank members to donate their miles to under-funded sports projects.

JAL also aims to provide outstanding customer service in all they do. With a safety-first mentality, they continuously strive to enhance the convenience, comfort and punctuality of operations, for every customer to feel a peace of mind and utmost satisfaction when traveling with JAL.

Safety: For a safe and comfortable flight

Flight safety is the foundation and social responsibility of JAL. It is their mission to provide an excellent in-flight experience that is comfortable and, most of all, safe in every situation.

On Time Operations: Valuing customers’ time

Maintaining flight safety and on-time operations is an airline’s vital commitment in gaining the customers’ trust and ensuring their peace of mind. Flying time varies depending on wind direction as well as air traffic situations at the departure and arrivals airports. To maintain on-time operations even under these conditions, every staff member in all operations works efficiently and precisely to ensure a smooth flow throughout the customer journey to, as they like to say at JAL, “make the best baton pass”. They aim to provide the world’s highest level of safety and on-time operations through teamwork across job divisions, and through innovative ideas to continuously improve quality.

Comfort: Offering a more comfortable travel experience

For customers to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant flight, JAL continuously works to improve both its products and service levels. They aim to offer an exceptional in-flight experience through paying close attention to comfort and convenience from the customers’ standpoint.

Convenience: An extensive route network connecting customers and Japan with the world

A comprehensive route network and convenient flight schedules are important services of an airline. To maximize convenience, they are building a network that connects customers and Japan with the world.

International routes: JAL currently flies to 305 airports in 53 countries (including code-share flights). Through partnerships with other airlines, JAL has expanded and enhanced its routes, frequent flyer program and customer service. They hope to continue strengthening their cooperative relationships with other airlines to offer greater convenience for customers visiting Japan and customers who fly through Japan to other countries.


IFSC Official Apparel Partner / IFSC Ropes & Safety Gear Partner

KAILAS is widely recognized across China as the most innovative and technical outdoor company.

Specialized in climbing apparel and equipment, KAILAS endeavors to provide a full outdoor experience, developing mountaineering and climbing around the world.

In 2013, KAILAS initiated a series of programs in China including “Kailas Unclimbed Project”, “China Rock Searching”; “Kailas Outdoor Leader Training Program”; “Kailas School of Mountaineering” and in cooperation with China Mountaineering Association we also launched “Kailas Climbing Star of Hope” to promote climbing among Chinese new generation.

The limitless energy and passion that KAILAS creative, experienced team shares for the outdoors, has not only driven the company to be Asia’s best outdoor brand but also to win 7 ISPO Awards in 2015.

We will continue to fulfill our commitment of creating a promising future for  passionate climbers and mountaineers in the world.


IFSC Official Connected Climbing Partner

LUXOV® is a French company, part of VOLX group. Since 2013, our mission is to develop innovative solutions in climbing.

Innovation is in our DNA, leading the team of passionate individuals through the years to launch brand new products and reinventing the way to practice indoor climbing!

LUXOV® brings fantastic new features to competitions, facilitates record performance, offers real time interaction between climbers and the wall, and illuminates the competition for the public.

We redefine how we look at climbing walls AND how we use them, whether in competition or training. The whole climbing community can benefit, from beginners to world champions!

For climbers of all abilities, sharing the mission to improve, LUXOV® Touch SPEED is the only connected system of speed climbing holds.

LUXOV® Touch SPEED is an exciting and performant training tool giving access to live visualisation of climbing times, individual or group profiles and back-end management. Each speed hold is touch-sensitive and saves the time and duration of grasping.

[Product video – soon to be published]

This innovation equipped the Speed wall during the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

We have also developed a 3D edition and visualisation of climbing walls and holds, which enables digital routesetting and opens new perspectives.

Furthermore, at the heart of the dynamic and booming indoor sport and leisure sector is LUXOV® Fun. It allows people to discover Sport Climbing whilst having fun thanks to interactive and illuminated holds, lighting up different itineraries and creating games.

[Product video – soon to be published]


Perfect Descent

IFSC Exclusive Auto-Belay Partner

Perfect Descent is the world leader in speed climbing auto belays and exclusive supplier to IFSC speed climbing competition. Hand-built in the USA from the highest quality components, Perfect Descent auto belays are lightweight, compact and easy to use and maintain.

Not just for competition, Perfect Descent auto belays are trusted by climbing gyms, camps, militaries, and schools around the world for their reliability and low cost of ownership. Perfect Descent is the ideal tool for getting the most from indoor training sessions and gives climbers of all ability levels the freedom to climb when they want and how they want.

Customers can choose from our Speed Drive™ and Direct Drive™ technology. Speed Drive™ auto belays are fast enough to keep up with the fastest climbers and the first choice on speed walls, for warm-up and dynamic routes, and for fitness and training-focused climbers. Direct Drive™ auto belays feature precision design and high-quality components at an industry leading price. Ideal for use on beginner routes, kid zones, for programmed activities, and at family entertainment centers.

Perfect Descent saves owners time and money by featuring the longest service interval in the industry and easy to replace lanyards and other high-wear components. Great for climbers of all ages and abilities, Perfect Descent auto belays support a culture of accountability and reduce belay error probability.

Join the Perfect Descent movement today.

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