Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is established in the IFSC Statutes, Article 35.

The IFSC Ethics Commission intends to protect and encourage ethical values in all IFSC. The Ethics Commission addresses issues referred to it by the IFSC President. It can also propose issues for consideration to the IFSC President or the IFSC Executive Board following information received directly or indirectly.

The Ethics Commission will consider cases resulting from a breach of the IFSC Code of Conduct or Charter and elected members of the IFSC. They can recommend action to the IFSC President, who may address the Disciplinary Commission.

The current composition of the IFSC Ethics Commission is as follows:

Marc Le Menestrel
Chair [2021 - 2025]


Takako Hoshi
Member [2021 - 2025]


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding ethics or the Ethics Commission.

Recent Activities

In 2019, the IFSC Ethics Commission started a new program based on raising awareness about ethics and integrity in Sport Climbing. The Commission held a survey that was distributed to different stakeholders within the IFSC including Executive Board members, staff & IFSC officials.  Various seminars were conducted during the year and additional presentations will be run in 2020 by the President of the Commission, Marc Le Menestrel. See here a complete list of seminars and meetings:

  • 2019 Officials Seminar (IFSC Officials)
  • 2019 March IFSC Executive Board meeting (IFSC Board Members and IFSC staff)
  • 2019 Plenary Assembly presentation (IFSC National Federations)
  • 2019 Climbing Summit (IFSC Golden Members and National Federations)
  • 2020 Officials Seminar (IFSC Officials)
  • 2020 Plenary Assembly workshop (National Federations)

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