New Board Elected, Olympic Selection Events Confirmed

At the beginning of March 2017 a new board was elected for the Pan-American Council. The board now comprises:

Maria Izquierdo President
Secretary general: Chris Danielson
Members at large Marcello Romillo and Martin Lascano Gonzalez.

In addition, it was confirmed that the Pan-American Youth Championships will be held in Montreal in September 2017. This will be a qualifying event for the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in 2018.


Maria Izquierdo appointed as ad interim IFSC Pan-American Council President

Last May 26, following the resignation of former President Mr. Alfredo Velazquez (MEX), the IFSC Pan-American Council Executive Board unanimously appointed Ms. Maria Izquierdo (CAN) as ad interim President of the Pan-American Council to serve the remainder of Mr. Velazquez’ term until 2016. As a consequence of the recent appointment, Ms. Izquierdo is now Member of the IFSC Executive Board.

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