Climbing During COVID-19 Working Group

Chaired by the two Technical Delegates Fabrizio Minnino (ITA) and Graeme Alderson (GBR), the Working Group was created by the Executive Board to produce recommendations and guidelines for the climbing community to work towards the restart of climbing in gyms and during competitions.

As we slowly come out of this state of emergency, the IFSC seeks to create the conditions for a safe restart of the climbing activity for athletes and, more generally, climbers around the world. The Working Group will support the Continental Councils and Member Federations by providing best practices for competitions, including rule changes, and by sharing guidelines as an example for local implementation. The Working Group will also support the entire climbing community including climbing gyms worldwide, by gathering together as much research as possible to help facilitate the safe re-opening of the gyms and the restart of climbing worldwide.



This list of resources is continuously updated and shall not be intended as exhaustive. Guidelines and best practices reported here are to be used and adapted to the needs and circumstances of each country.


Athletes health and wellbeing

Athlete 365 Advisory

We recommend checking:

WADA Advisory

WADA understands that athletes have questions concerning antidoping in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, with the help of its Athlete Committee, WADA have developed a Q&A document that covers some of the most frequently asked questions.

Climbing Competitions

Climbing Gyms

National Federations

General Resources

International Covid-19 news related to sports

Equipment cleaning

Medical resources on COVID-19

General guidelines

Transmission processes

Physical and mental health

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