IFSC Event Organisers Prepare for the 2020 Sport Climbing Season

The annual IFSC Event Organiser (EO) meeting took place on 18-19th November in Turin, Italy, providing an opportunity for National Federations (NFs) set to host international IFSC events in 2020 to meet with the IFSC Sport Department.

A series of individual sessions took place with each of the NFs in attendance, as well as a plenary session in which all were invited to participate. Individual meetings were used to discuss deeply the specific achievements of each event in 2019, in addition to preparing a plan for the next steps to be taken in 2020.

IFSC Secretary General Debbie Gawrych led the plenary session, creating an interactive setting for Event Organisers to share feedback concerning their work with the IFSC. The overall consensus was positive, with participants appreciating the new meeting format and possibility to exchange and interact with the IFSC.

“The Event Organiser meeting is always extremely useful to gauge what’s going well and what needs to be improved moving forward, in terms of both IFSC events and interaction between the EOs and the IFSC,” states IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini, who adds:

“As the 2020 season will be the most important year in Sport Climbing history, it’s important to take the time to meet with each EO individually to learn how to better our international events moving forward.”

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