IFSC Technical Delegates and Sport Department Management Committee Meet Ahead of 2020 Season

IFSC Technical Delegates (TDs) and the Sport Department Management Committee (SDMC) joined members of the Sport Department at the IFSC headquarters in Turin, Italy, from 11-13th November, to prepare for the 2020 Sport Climbing season. Vice-President Sport/Events Kobinata Toru was also present.

Technical Delegates include Graeme Alderson, Christophe Billon, Vincent Caussé and Fabrizio Minnino, who are also on the Sport Department Management Committee alongside Technical Commission Directors François Leonardon (Rules), Johannes Altner (Judges), Evgenii Chernyshev (Event), Zhao Lei (Coaches), and Percy Bishton (Routesetters). A sixth IFSC Technical Commission, the Sport Development Commission, is currently in preparation. European Council representative Heiko Wilhelm, Francis Lo of the Asian Council and Jorg Verhoeven, Athlete Representative, were also present at the SDMC meeting.

IFSC SDMC Meeting 2019 Small

Following a review of the 2019 season, the meetings proceeded with an analysis of the rules for Sport Climbing, in addition to a proposal of changes for 2020. As the IFSC will hold a total of five (5) Combined events next year, including 4 Continental Championships and the Sport Climbing events at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, a particular focus was paid to the rules of the Combined format.

The two meetings (Technical Delegates 11th November; Sport Department Management Committee Meeting 12-13th November) concluded with a debrief of procedures between the IFSC office and IFSC officials and ongoing sport projects. A discussion also took place about the quota system for the 2020 Games and subsequently, ranking during IFSC events.

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