Athletes License

Athletes license 2016

Applications for the Athlete License 2016 are now open. In order to take part to the IFSC competitions in 2016, athletes must hold a regular license for the current year. The license must be obtained by applying for it online.

See the details of the online registration procedure here.

Please note that starting in 2012, the Athletes License form includes specific reference to the IFSC Code of Conduct on Sport Betting Integrity, which all Athletes are required to read and sign.

The online system will automatically generate an .rtf file when an application is posted online; the form shall be printed, signed, stamped and posted to the IFSC Office:

International Federation of Sport Climbing
Via Carlo Matteucci 4
10143,Torino, Italy

Please address your queries to the IFSC Administration.
You can also download the Athletes' License application form (.docx) here, to send it to the IFSC Office, but online application remains compulsory.

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