The IFSC Oceania Council elects its new Executive Board

IFSC Oceania Council For Sport Climbing Plenary Assembly and Executive Board Meeting were held on 24/25th of July in Auckland, New Zealand on the occasion of the New Zealand Lead and Boulder National Championships.

During this meeting Matthew Klein from Australia was elected President of the OCSC after James McGuire stepped down after many years of service. Philippe Boquet from New Caledonia was elected as Vice president, Sports and David Saunders from New Zealand was elected as Secretary.

Matthew and his team are willing to adding some exciting momentum for climbing in Oceania. The new team will also concentrate their efforts on increasing the professionalism of the events, certifying more judges and routesetters and bringing top-level athletes from around the world to Oceania. We look forward to hearing their news.

For more information on the Oceania Council's future activities, please click here.

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