IFSC July EB Teleconference

In occasion of the July EB Teleconference, the IFSC appointed Silvia Verdolini, previously IFSC Sport Officer, to the position of IFSC Sport Director during its IFSC Executive Board meeting on Wednesday and Alessandro Di Cato, previously Event Officer, to the position of IFSC Calendar Coordinator. Since joining the team in 2017, Verdolini and Di Cato have coordinated and overseen projects of the Sport Department with a strong passion for Sport Climbing and valuable insight. The full list of IFSC staff can be found here.


Lead Champions Return, Race to the Top Continues in Speed

Heights are back in the 2018 IFSC World Cup series! Champions in Lead climbing return to action and the race to the top of the rankings continues in Speed climbing on July 6th-7th in Villars, Switzerland, followed by a rematch in both Sport Climbing disciplines on July 11th-13th in Chamonix, France.


100 Days to Go to Buenos Aires

In just 100 days, the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be alive with the first ever street-party style opening ceremony that will mark the start of the Youth Olympic Games - the first edition with gender equality - that takes place from 6-18 October this year.


The Other Young Protagonists of Buenos Aires 2018

For nine days, the Youth Olympic Village received more than 2,000 schoolchildren who left messages to cheer on the young athletes while also participating in sport initiation activities. The messages will be delivered to the young athletes when they enter the Village and start their Olympic adventure. The notes were organised into four categories: respect, excellence, friendship and passion.


Countdown on for Buenos Aires

Omega, the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games for the past 86 years, unveiled today the countdown clock for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.


University Students on Top of the World

Studies and sport, the 2nd edition of the World University Sport Climbing Championships, which took place this year in Bratislava (SVK), was a celebration of both aspects of the life of University student athletes. After four days of Bouldering, Lead and Speed climbing last week, the winners shared their triumphs with the organising team.

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