Boulder World Championships in Munich, August 21-23!

Two months after the end of the Boulder World Cup series in June, the world’s best boulderers are back and ready to contend for the title of World Champion, delivered every two years. With both the women’s and men’s World Cup titles closely divided, the 2014 World Championships are sure to be suspenseful!

With top athletes coming off summer adventures and training as well as newer faces making the trip, the Boulder World Championships will truly display the best of the sport, both in athletic performance and values of cooperation and accessibility.

Provisional program (GMT+2)

Thursday, August 21

10h00–16h00 Boulder qualification for men

Friday, August 22

14h00–19h00 Boulder qualification for women

20h00–22h00 Climbing Movie Night at the Olympic Lake Cinema

Saturday, August 23

11h00–13h30 Boulder semi-final for men & women (live streaming)

18h30–21h00 Boulder final for men & women (live streaming)


Any climbing fans who can’t be on site at a given competition will be able to watch the event live streaming on our homepage.

We are also present on Twitter during the events, so reach out to us using the hashtag #IFSCwc!


Find more info and multimedia for Munich on our dedicated event page.


Athletes' Commission elections to take place at World Championships

As every two years, the IFSC Athletes' Commission elections will take place at the World Championships in Munich and Gijón this August and September.

Elected for four-year terms, with staggered elections so that half the members are renewed biennially, the members and president of the Athletes' Commission work closely with the other IFSC bodies and have a representative seat on the Executive Board with voting rights, to make sure their perspective is taken into account during decision-making. Members are elected from all three disciplines no more than three members may be from the same country, ensuring a variety of countries.

Current Athletes' Commission President, Sean McColl (CAN), elected in 2012, says that in addition to gathering the athletes' perspective, relaying it to the board, and promoting the Commission's projects, he put the responsibility on himself to generate a report of each World Cup in the year and analyze from an athlete's perspective how to improve each one.

The Athletes' Commission has proved a vital tool for the IFSC, and has accomplished much to improve international competitions for our athletes, who are the real stars! For example, Sean says, "In the past two years, we have accomplished many smaller rule changes to help the athletes. We have moved bouldering and lead to separate parts of the season to let multiple discipline athletes compete in both."

The Commission also enriches athlete members' view and experience of sport climbing competition. Says McColl, "I have learned a lot about how inner politics of a sport is managed and made a lot of very good connections. I think it was a great decision to run for President."

The IFSC is dedicated to supporting its athletes and functioning through transparency in its decision-making, and the Athletes' Commission is a cornerstone of this commitment!


CAC Limited Edition T-Shirt & Donation at Munich Boulder World Championships!

Climbers Against Cancer, the IFSC Offical Charity will be making a donation to a German cancer research center during the Boulder World Championships in Munich this August 21-23, 2014.

To commemorate this occasion, CAC is also releasing limited edition t-shirts available exclusively at the Munich World Championships! CAC founder John Ellison has been working closely with the German national federation, DAV, who is organizing the World Championships, and is excited to say that they have gone out of their way to put everything in place.

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Not only institutional, but also industrial support for CAC

We are proud to see that our official sponsors, Kailas and Entre-Prises have shown an active commitment to helping the development of CAC. Says Ellison:

"With the huge support of climbers internationally along with the announcement of Official Charity by the IFSC it was a natural step to approach many of the outdoor brands and climbing gyms to help create a stronger foundation and longer lasting structure for the charity. Entre Prises and Kailas both opted to take up the top sponsorship option of Official CAC Partners.

"The support from everyone in what is the early days of the charity, only 18 months old, has been fantastic and collectively we can take the message of life so much further in the future."

We couldn't have said it any better.

CAC on the road

John has also been traveling to IFSC events in Chamonix, Briançon, and L'Argentière to promote the CAC and visiting with the IFSC staff in Torino.

DSC 0176

John with Pauline Pittet from Entre-Prises and Jérôme Meyer, IFSC Sport Manager, in Chamonix

DSC 0248

John with IFSC Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel

DSC 0875

In Torino with Kimanda Jarzebiak (top left) IFSC President Marco Scolaris (top row, fifth from left), IFSC Head of Administration Francesca Jengo (bottom right) and climbers from Canada, Italy, and Israel.

If you can't make it to Munich and snag a t-shirt, be sure to tune in for our Red Bull live broadcast of the Boulder World Championships finals this August 21-23!


World Championships on your smartphone!






The IFSC mobile apps have been updated, and now you can have the World Championships on your smartphone!

Don't miss a minute of the action and follow results as soon as they are posted with results apps for Apple and Android!


Youth Olympic Games Wall: The Grand Reveal!

We are delighted to unveil the Youth Olympic Games climbing wall, imagined by the IFSC and GeckoKing, the climbing branch of CCSC (Chongqing China Sports Construction). At 30 meters wide and 15 meters tall, the wall is sure to stand out at the Nanjing Sports Lab!

The wall, composed of two overhanging lead walls that meet in an arch, bordered by boulder walls on both sides. But what about speed?  There will be no standard speed wall. Instead, classic format speed competitions will be organized on parts of the lead walls. IFSC International Route setter Adam Pustelnik, who is travelling to Nanjing with the Sport Climbing Delegation, explains:

“It means that the route for the competition is not standardized and depends only on the route setters’ idea. Of course it has to be adequate for the competition, that is, 'fast and furious,' but there is no official scheme that we have to follow, and we have space for being creative and introducing different ideas."

2014 YOG Wall

Each day, 2 new lead routes and 2 to 4 boulders will be set for showcase climbing and initiation. Our route setters have the ambition of making the lower parts of the routes more accessible, and the higher parts will climb in difficulty, so that initiates can climb on the same routes as world-class competitors. Pustelnik comments:

“We will try to introduce as many climbing styles as we can - to present climbing in the best way possible. To show it with all the differences and beauties of each style. Dynamic, powerful, technical, coordination, speed—we will try to show as much of it as possible. Each day we will be setting two routes and two to four boulders for the athletes to perform. For each day of the showcase we will be preparing new routes and boulders to get as much variety possible.”

The athletes are excited for their upcoming trip to the Youth Olympic Games. How do the route setters feel about the event? Says Pustelnik,

“It's great to have this opportunity to show to the wide young audience how interesting climbing can be. It's probably the best type of promotion a sport we can have. I'm very excited about it and interested to work in fact together with the athletes to create a great show for the audience.”

Jonas Chapuis, the other half of the route setting team traveling to Nanjing, says of his sport:

"Sport climbing is a young discipline. but it's also a discipline that we bind to in our youth. As a child, we tried to move without distinction, vertically as well as horizontally, and we've developed gestural baggage inherent to our specific morphology. We each have a style."

"Climbing is emotion, translated through improbable and impressive sequences of movements. A mix of coordination, power, holding on, and taking risks, climbing is a huge adrenaline rush to all involved, from spectators to beginners. Sport climbing is the demonstration that there is not only one method, but many styles related to different body types and characters."

Keep checking back for more information about the Sport Climbing at the  Nanjing Sports Lab at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games this August 17-27, 2014!


Last Lead World Cup Before World Championships in Imst, August 1-2!

This August 1-2, the Tyrolean city of Imst, in Austria, will host the last IFSC Lead World Cup before our athletes travel to the World Championships in Gijón in September! Home of the first refrigerated luge track in 1958 and just 50km to the west of Innsbruck, Imst will put on a great show with spectacular climbing!

Provisional program (GMT+2)

Friday, August 11

09h30–15h00 Lead qualification for men & women

18h30–21h00 Lead semi-final for men & women (live streaming)

Saturday, August 2

19h30–20h30 Lead final for women (live streaming)

20h20–21h30 Lead final for men (live streaming)


Any climbing fans who can’t be on site at a given World Cup competition will be able to watch the event live streaming on our homepage.

We are also present on Twitter during the events, so reach out to us using the hashtag #IFSCwc!


Find more info and multimedia for Imst on our dedicated event page.


Munich Boulder World Championships Wall Unveiled!

During the OutDoor Trade Show in Friedrichshafen this July 10-13, 2014, Deutscher Alpenverein, the German National Federation, held their National Boulder Championships on a completely new bouldering wall that will be used in Munich for the IFSC Boulder World Championships this August 21-23, 2014.

©Deutscher Alpenverein / Vertical-Axis

©Deutscher Alpenverein / Vertical-Axis

For the first time, Kailas, partner of the IFSC, was present right next to the climbing wall at this important European outdoor trade show in order to present its array of outdoor products.

Check out a highlights video below, and be sure to tune in for our Red Bull live broadcast of the Boulder World Championships in Munich this August 21-23!



Briançon finals CANCELLED

Briançon finals cancelled

Due to extreme rain, thunder, and lightning, the Briançon Lead World Cup finals have been cancelled.

The semi-finals results will be the final results for this World Cup.

Semi-finals replay here:


First Solo Lead World Cup in Briançon, July 19-20!

The IFSC Lead World Cup tour will be stopping in Briançon, France, for the first 2014 solo lead competition. Rich with history since its start as a Roman village, this small Alpine city and its famous citadel provide a picturesque background for our athletes' scaling dizzying heights!

Provisional program (GMT+2)

Saturday, July 19

8h30–14h30 Lead qualification for women

09h00–13h30 Lead qualification for men

19h30–22h00 Lead semi-final for men & women (live streaming)

Sunday, July 20

19h30–20h30 Lead final for women (live streaming)

21h30–22h30 Lead final for men (live streaming)


Any climbing fans who can’t be on site at a given World Cup competition will be able to watch the event live streaming on our homepage.

We are also present on Twitter during the events, so reach out to us using the hashtag #IFSCwc!


Find more info and multimedia for Chamonix on our dedicated event page.

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