IFSC Youth World Championships 2017 Continues to Meet Targets

Organisation of the IFSC Youth World Championships in 2017, held in Innsbruck, Austria, is making rapid progress.

After the new venue, Kletterzentrum Innsbruck (KI), was inaugurated in May, the first competitions have already been staged, and organisers at Austria Climbing continue to work with the IFSC in the final run-up to the Youth World Championships. This international competition will be held August 30 to September 10th and attract young climbing stars from across the globe. Additional documents for National Federations regarding the combined format and the registration process are available, and athlete registration is open.

Watching will be representatives from the 2018 Youth World Championship Organising team from Central Saanich, Vancouver Island, Canada. Event Organizer Kimanda Jarzebiak attended The World Games and met with the IFSC in preliminary meetings, in anticipation of next year's event. The IFSC and Austria Climbing will also welcome Kimanda Jarzebiak and Chloe Mandell (Marketing and Production Manager) at the IFSC Youth World Championships in September, as the nature of the Youth World Championships evolves.

More information is available on the Austria Climbing website, where media registrations are also currently open.

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