Workshop at Olympic Channel Headquarters

The Olympic Channel invited International Federations to attend a workshop yesterday at their Madrid headquarters, and the IFSC was pleased to participate.

The IFSC had the opportunity to be provided with the most recent updates on the Olympic Channel and to share best practices with them and other international sports federations of sports at the Summer Olympic Games. Ideas were also exchanged on how to best collaborate together to improve the quality and relevancy of video production, increase coverage worldwide and much more.

The IFSC experienced first-hand an impressive place and team (100 employees and 27 nationalities) which is actively producing, sharing and spreading Sport Climbing around the world to new audiences. In just 8 months, the fast-growing platform has already reached 2.31 million fans on Facebook, 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 billion video views.

Click here to watch the latest Sport Climbing news on the Olympic Channel for IFSC World Cup Hachioji-Tokyo.

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