Preparation Meetings with the Tokyo Olympic Organising Committee

The first preparation meeting between TOCOG (Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games), the IFSC and the JMSCA - Japanese Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association - took place in Tokyo on May 8 and 9. The IFSC team was led by IFSC President Marco Scolaris and the JMSCA delegation was headed President Mr. Yagihara Kuniaki, while IFSC Vice-President Mr. Toru Kobinata attended the meeting in his function of Sport Manager for the TOCOG Sport Department for Sport Climbing.

The two-day meeting included an inspection to the Odaiba area for the preparation of the Sport Climbing Event to be held at Tokyo 2020. Representatives visited the venue and met the main authorities to discuss the progress made and developments still ongoing.

IFSC Sport Director Jerome Meyer, Marketing and Communication Director Anne Fuynel, Technical Delegates Christophe Billon and Graeme Alderson, who previously attended the Bouldering World Cup in Hachioji, attended the meeting as well, while on the JMSCA side Vice-Chairman Yoshio Ogata, Secretary General/Director Hitoshi Onodera, and Yuji Hirayama, from the JMSCA Sport Climbing Commission joined also the meeting.

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