IOC Announces New Initiative on Gender Equality

On March 16 Thomas Bach announced a “major review project regarding Gender Equality in the Olympic Movement”. The project, a joint endeavour by the IOC’s Women in Sport and Athletes’ Commissions will be conducted by a working group and assess the state of Gender Equality in the Olympic Movement using five themes.

These five themes are: Sport, Portrayal, Funding, Governance and Human Resources.

Marisol Casado, the Working Group Chair for the Project, believes “by having the IOC, the IFs and the NOCs working together on this project, we will share best practices as well as address the obstacles facing gender equality in sport to produce solutions. I am confident our recommendations will make significant advancements”.

The IFSC is a young organisation which is proud of the gender equity displayed both in its events and in the staff and board.  Athlete numbers are approximately even and the IFSC has comparatively high female representation on the Executive Board (20%) when considered along other Olympic Federations.  It also publically demonstrates its commitment to gender equity through its logo, adopted in March 2015, which consciously pairs two colours traditionally associated with the sexes. However, the IFSC Executive Board recognises that there is still a significant journey ahead, especially considering female representation in National Federation decision making bodies, in Coaching and in Route setting. To this end a workshop was held at the IFSC Plenary Assembly in Quebec on March 10th, considering these topics and providing participants with a step-by-step plan to address the issues they identified within their own federations.

The IFSC welcomes the work being done in the IOC, and hopes that this is the beginning of a fruitful exchange of ideas and strategies to strengthen the role of women in sport.


For the full press release regarding the IOC project, please click here.

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