CCTV5 to show 2016 Season Highlights

The Chinese broadcaster, CCTV5, will broadcast IFSC 26 minute highlight programs of the 2016 season starting from this week.

These highlights showcase 2016 IFSC competitions with a special focus on the World Championships held in Paris last September and the Youth World Championships held in Guangzhou last November.

Thanks to the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA), this new broadcaster increases the reach of the programs to 131 different countries. 

Highlights programs are each 26 minutes long and are produced monthly between May and December. CCTV5 is the first channel in China to show the highlights, and increases the reach of the programs to 131 different countries. CCTV5 is part of the national broadcasting network and the main sports broadcaster in China. It covers a wide range of sports and competitions around the globe. 

The IFSC is very proud of this development and hopes that this coverage will help attract more people to the sport.

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