The IFSC joins the IPC Family

The IFSC joins the IPC Family (c) FFME/AgenceKros - Remi Fabregue

The IFSC is honored to announce that the International Paralympic Committee has granted it the status of “Recognized International Federation”.

The IFSC has been hosting paraclimbing competitions since 2006, when the first international event saw athletes from four National Federations compete in Ekaterinburg, Russia.  The movement has grown in recent years, with a regular circuit being added to the IFSC calendar from 2010 and World Championships taking place from July 2011. It has become tradition that the Paraclimbing World Championships run alongside the World Championships, promoting athletes with a disability on the same stage as other athletes. Proud of the growth of the paraclimbing community and the standard of competitions, the IFSC remains dedicated to developing and strengthening the competitions and support available to athletes.

“The IFSC is delighted with this development and looks forward to working with the IPC, matching Sport Climbing’s potential for growth with the Committee’s expertise,” said IFSC President Marco Scolaris, “Climbing is a sport for all and for everyone; we all climb on the same holds. We hope that this recognition opens the door to and inspires many more athletes with disabilities.”

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