IFSC at the Interational Forum for Sport Integrity

President Marco Scolaris, Sport Director Jerome Meyer and Director of Administration Francesca Jengo participate in the II International Forum for Sports Integrity in Lausanne today.

The Forum was opened by the IOC President, Thomas Bach and gathers IOC members, NOC and IF Presidents and leaders, Government and National authorities, betting operators and experts. The meeting will centre around two panel discussions focusing on the prevention of manipulation of competitions and supporting ethical conduct.

The panel discussions, followed by an active discussion including all participants, will allow different organizing bodies of sport to discuss strategies and implementation practices in order to insure sport competitions free of manipulation and corruption.

President Scolaris recalls that the IFSC has been proactive introducing since many years provisions in the Statutes and in its regulations to preserve the integrity of our sport. “We need to be vigilant and provide our organization with all necessary tools to protect our sport and the athletes" said President Scolaris, "that’s why we are here”.


Read the full IOC Press Release here.

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