Welcome to our New Staff!

The IFSC welcomes Silvia Verdolini, who is joining the Sport Department as Sport Officer. Under the direction of the Sport Director and with the help of the IFSC Technical Commissions, she will coordinate and oversee the different Sport programmes (regulations changes and improvements, consultative groups, etc.).

Although she is Italian, Silvia's passion for science has taken her abroad for the past ten years. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Astrophysics in Italy, she spent a year in California for her Masters, then did a PhD in The Netherlands. After that she worked in Science Education and Public Engagement in India, South Africa, Malta, and UK.

Some say that people’s identity are determined by what they love: in this case Silvia's identity is determined not just by science, but also a mountain to climb, a good book, and a loud dinner table.

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