Thirty Years for Arco

In 1986, Arco hosted one of the earliest international Sport Climbing competitions. This year, the legacy continues in Arco with the fifth IFSC Lead and Speed World Cups of 2016.


Next Up: Return to the Ropes

After a thrilling end to the IFSC Bouldering World Cup season, IFSC athletes and fans now turn their attention to Imst for the fourth IFSC Lead World Cup of 2016.


Sport Climbing Celebrated in Rio

Austria Climbing and Art Roc joined forces to celebrate sport climbing’s inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games by opening a wall in Rio’s Sul shopping mall.

The 13-meter-tall wall allows visitors to get their first taste of the sport which will be featured alongside Skateboarding, Surfing, Karate, Baseball and Softball in the next summer Olympics. The Austrian Federation organised the construction of the wall and sent out five of its finest instructors to set the routes and help run courses with the public.

This is not a short lived project however: after the Games the wall will stay in Rio. It will be moved to a local favela and provide a new experience to locals, hopefully inspiring a whole new group of athletes.

Watch a video interview with the instructors of the Austrian Olympic Team Facebook, or read more on the Austrian Olympic Committee Website.

The official press release can be found here.

Der Präsident des Internationalen Sportkletterverbandes IFSC Marco Scolaris besuchte gemeinsam mit Tirol Werbung-Geschäftsführer Josef Margreiter (r.) und ÖOC-Generalsekretär Peter Mennel (l.) die Tirol-Kletterwand in Rio. ©ÖOC / Erich Spiess Photo ©ÖOC / Erich Spiess



Japanese Mountaineering Association proposes new name, new structure

In anticipation of the possible inclusion of Sport Climbing in the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo the Japanese Mountaineering Association (JMA) is proposing major changes to its name and structure. The JMA would be responsible for joining the local Olympic Committee in overseeing the sport climbing competition and has therefore decided to make several changes.

The Association, founded 56 years ago, is suggesting changing its name to include a reference to the competitive aspect of Sport Climbing and restructuring in order to “provide guidance and spread correct climbing and mountain sports”. Renamed “Japanese Mountaineering Sport Climbing Association”, the organisation would aim to link traditional values of mountain climbing and modern competition climbing, which have often been seen as distinct and perhaps even incompatible. The sport has been booming in Japan, with over 600,000 climbing enthusiasts making a vibrant climbing scene. With the revised name and structure, the JMA would continue to support outdoor mountain climbing, while also responding to increased interest in sport climbing.

A final decision is expected at the end of August.

For a full translation of the information released by the Japan Mountaineering Association, download our translation.


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