Peace and Sport enters a new era

After eight years of blue and gold, Peace and Sport, l'Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport, today unveils its new look. To underpin its growing public recognition, the organization has launched an engaging new slogan "Be part of what matters" (in French "Participer à l'important") accompanied by a more modern graphic identity.

A pioneer of the peace through sport movement, Peace and Sport enjoys great renown within the global sports community. Since 2007, the organization has worked in diplomatic circles and on the ground to promote and demonstrate the power of sport to foster dialogue and reconcile divided communities.

By modernizing its brand identity, Peace and Sport hopes to reach out to a broader public and expand the scope of the peace through sport movement.

"Our organization has a special place within the peace through sport movement and we are at the forefront of supporting its growth. Our new identity will help us bolster our image among the general public. It's an invitation for young people to join our efforts, support our projects and give their full backing to the peace through sport cause."
Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport

The slogan "Be part of what matters"

Peace and Sport has long believed that sport is much more than just physical performance and that structured sport can be a fantastic vehicle for youth education. Through sport, the organization calls on every individual to play a full role in society.
The new logo once again features the dove, the historical symbol of peace, as well as the arch from the Peace and Sport trophy presented each year at the Peace and Sport Awards Ceremony. Created by Australian designer Marcel Sigel, the trophy draws inspiration from conventional sport award styles. It comprises two separate upward-moving columns – one representing peace and the other sport – which slope away from each other before finally uniting as one. It's this symbolic unity of the two, where one cannot stand without the other, which reflects the values of Peace and Sport.

The colour of peace, blue, is now blended with green – the colour of hope.

Peace and Sport's new brand identity, designed by French creative agency Loulou & Mother, will soon feature in all of its communications, including on its new website which will be launched first half of this year.


WADA publishes lists of signatories whose rules are in line and in progress with 2015 Code

Further to the approval of the 2015 Compliance Activities Plan at its Foundation Board Meeting in November 2014, and per the request of our governing bodies, WADA is pleased to publish the following two lists of Code signatories, whose compliance is fully monitored:

1. Those that have already drafted and submitted to WADA anti-doping rules in line with the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code; and

2. Those that have not yet drafted and submitted to WADA anti-doping rules fully in line with the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code or are undergoing a parliamentary process that can still possibly lead to amendments to the draft legislation. It is important to note that in some countries such parliamentary process is required in order to implement the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code in the national legal system.

WADA Director General, David Howman: “As guardian of the Code, which came into effect 1 January 2015, WADA is happy with the progress thus far and is working with signatories to ensure swift and efficient alignment; as well as, implementation going forward.”

The lists will be updated and published on a monthly basis.

"The IFSC is proud to be amongst the signatories of the 2015 Code. Our efforts to fight doping and continue year after year, investing resources and energies. It is a zero tolerance action and nobody is entitled to turn his head or refrain from condemning the use of prohibited substances.", Marco Maria Scolaris, President of the IFSC.

More information on WADA website.


Climbers Against Cancer's 2 year anniversary

On this very day in 2013 British climber Shauna Coxsey, designers Ben Jones and David Mercer and myself sat in the offices at the Workhouse Mar- keting ready to press the hypothetical launch button and begin the phe- nomenon that has spread across the globe like a wild fire. Climbers Against Cancer was officially born and well you could say the rest is history. Over the last 2 years the charity commonly referred to as CAC has reached areas many other charities just couldn’t dream of reaching. From Canada to China, Australia to Alaska, Slovenia to Sweden, Italy to Iran, Argentina to Austria the list is endless and there are very few if any countries where someone doesn’t own a colourful t-shirt.

The spectacular growth of this great climbers charity is down to every single one of you who have worn the tops with pride sending out a message not only to cancer but all diseases and obstacles we face in life. A message of love, hope and togetherness unseen before amongst the members of this universal family called climbers. As I once said to a young German climbing friend whilst discussing the charity over lunch “I am just the Dj and you guys are dancing on the dance floor”. Working together with great tunes it is a sure recipe for success and an night out that everyone will remember.

Even when this Dj has left the building so to speak the music will keep on ringing in your ears and it will be up to everyone in equal measure to keep what we have all started going for many years to come. In life we are all climbers and you are all the future of CAC!
So on this very day as I also invite climbers from around the world to join me in the opening of the new CAC office I thought it only right to share the suc- cess with everyone and explain a few of the amazing facts and figures that show how collectively we are making a difference!


So far approximately 20,000 t-shirts have been printed and sold since the launch of of the charity on 23rd January 2013. That equates to an estimated number of 833 per month over the past two years or 192 per week or even more stunning 27 per day!!!
It is very difficult to give an 100% breakdown of the amount of money raised from sales of t-shirts, hoodies, pants and holds along with fundraising events across the World as there are a few outstanding invoices to be settled and bills to pay.
Collectively we have managed to raise a gross figure in the region of €420,000.00 Euro’s , $477,336.00 Dollars or even more outstanding 57,000,000.00 Japanese Yen as a grand total. CAC has then to pay for the purchasing of the t-shirts and hoodies etc and get them printed in the case of the shirts and embroidered with the hoodies.

Many have asked why is there no postage included when purchasing a t- shirt. Well this was an idea I had from the start as I wanted the cost of the shirts to be fair across the globe and wherever one was purchased it would cost £15.00 and reflect the friendly nature of climbing as a sport. Following the manufacturing of each t-shirt they are distributed around the World with CAC paying for the shipping costs. We had to add a postage costs to the hoodies as anyone who owns one will know they are of a very high quality and carry quite a weight so couldn’t be sent out with free postage as with the shirts.

So far we have spent almost €197,000.00 Euro ($222,000.00 Dollars) on purchasing, printing and shipping the garment. As everyone will be aware more importantly we have already made 7 donations each with a value of £10,000 to cancer research facilities in Australia, France, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and South Korea with many more being discussed for the coming season.
As I mentioned previously everyone who has helped me with Climbers Against Cancer has done so on a voluntary basis including myself and none of the monies raised has been used for expenses, travel or personal costs so everyone can feel proud that by buying a CAC t-shirt or hoodie that every penny will go towards cancer research and you will be each playing your part in helping fight this terrible disease.


Mentioning earlier CAC will from today be run from it’s own office. A very comfortable and happy place that will serve you all well going forward. The door will always be open to anyone that wishes to call in whilst visiting the UK and there is always work to do if anyone wants to come and volunteer. On another bright note I am very happy to say that none of the funds raised for cancer research is being used for these premises and it is being funded pure- ly through sponsorship.
Many of the Worlds leading outdoor brands have been very supportive and thrown their weight behind CAC. Not only are we the Official Charity of the In- ternational Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC) but we also have the sup- port of the UIAA and as mentioned Official Partners of CAC, Official Support- ers and CAC Climbing Centres. Everyone like yourselves are playing their part in building solid foundations for Climbers Against Cancer and it shows we are a truly unified family.

So moving forward I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has in their own way shown support for Climbers Against Cancer. How many tunes I have left to play myself will be mainly down to the medical experts and hopefully I can keep Dj’ing for many years to come but one thing is for sure I know that with friends like yourselves the sound of CAC is in good hands!


Sports United goes on-air

Sports United, powered by SportAccord, launched on Euronews. The first episode of Sports United went on-air last Thursday on Euronews in 13 language editions globally.


The IFSC pays tribute to Philippe Ligerot

It was with a heavy heart that the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l'Escalade (FFME) announced the death of Philippe Ligerot last Thursday.

The accident happened last Wednesday. Philippe and his client were swept away by an avalanche in the valley of Narreyroux in Puy St Vincent (France).

Philippe was a very experienced mountain guide, he was also the organizer of the IFSC Lead World Cup in Briançon.

Philippe was a figure of the city of Briançon who will be deeply missed by all those who shared his passion for mountain and climbing.

Our sympathies go out to his family and relatives.


The World Games 2017: new event dates

The International World Games Association and the Wroclaw Organising Committee (WOC) announced new dates for The World Games 2017 event. Instead of the previously announced period from 03 to 13 August, The World Games will be held from 20th to 30th July 2017.

This new schedule will prevent The World Games from any conflict of dates with other major events and give the advantage to be gained from having better media coverage.

Stay tuned for any updates regarding The World Games 2017.


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