IFSC Promotional Event: Kailas Just Climb Cup 2017

The annual highlight in the Hong Kong climbing industry – KAILAS JUST CLIMB CUP 2017 has been confirmed! The bouldering competition will be held in Central Atrium, Olympian City 2 on 7th – 8th January, 2017.

Mark the dates now! JUST CLIMB CUP is a local bouldering competition being planned and organized by Just Climb Climbing Gym and supported by the IFSC Asian Council as part of the Asia Open Series. Since its first debut in 2011, the competition never fails on surprising climbers with ever-improving scale. The contest aims at consolidating regional climbers and providing a professional competing platform for all climbers to interact with each other so to activate the climbing industry and that the general climbing standard can be enhanced and improved.

KAILAS JUST CLIMB CUP 2017 is going to be held on 7th – 8th January, 2017 in Central Atrium, Olympian City 2. The World Champion (2014/Lead) – Jain Kim and President of ACC Athletes Commission – Jabee Kim have been invited as Star Athletes. IFSC international route setter – Hiroshi Okano has been invited as the Chief Route Setter of the competition.

With the attendance of world-class climbers and route setter, the KAILAS JUST CLIMB CUP 2017 will definitely be a marvellous event! Last but not least, KAILAS JUST CLIMB CUP 2017 has been admitted by IFSC - ACC as the first promotional event on the competition calendar that competitors from all over the world are welcomed! Apart from being an audience and enjoying a breathtaking competition for free, the general public can actually be part of the event by having a hands on top-rope climbing experience in the 2-day event! A 6m tall mobile climbing wall will be set up in the venue while anyone aged 4 years old or above are welcomed to climb under the guidance of instructors. “Best Climbing Shot” will be prepared for capturing your best climbing moment. Don’t you miss it!

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