Climbers Against Cancer Emotional Donation at the 2015 IFSC World Youth Championships in Arco, Italy

The beautiful weather of the previous days may have left and the rain poured but nothing could take away the warm feeling as Climbers Against Cancer made it’s 9th donation to cancer research on the finals day of the IFSC World Youth Championships in Arco, Italy.

Youngsters from all competing countries wore their CAC t-shirts and carried their National flags in a procession of colour and show of unity as they formed a kind of climbers guard of honour for IFSC President Marco Scolaris, IFSC Secretary General Debra Gawrych, CAC founder John Ellison and FMDME President Alfredo Velazquez.

To continue the international and global appeal of the charity this time round the donation would be heading to South America with a cheque for $260,000.00 MXN (£10,000) received by Mr Velazquez on behalf of the cancer research facility at the Universidad de Sonora in Mexico.

The moment was made all the more special as if to order a double rainbow appeared above the mountains of this beautiful Italian town showing us all that despite times of darkness there is always light and in times of despair there is always hope.

To finish off this truly emotional occasion the song “We are the World” rang out across the tannoy’s and the universal group of young climbers waved their flags in an expression of love and togetherness.

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