Issue 1 - Sport Climbing Around the World

More athletes than ever participated at IFSC events last year from all over the globe. The IFSC Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships in Paris saw 533 athletes register from 53 countries spanning all 5 continents, and the IFSC Youth World Championships in Guangzhou had even greater participation. Season winners of the IFSC Climbing World Cup series give a good feel for the spread of the competition…athletes from six countries claimed 8 titles in 2016!


IFSC Janja Garnbret Domen SkoficJanja Garnbret (Lead + Combined)
Domen Skofic (Lead)
Slovenia topped the National Team Ranking in Lead, and these two athletes led the way. Janja was especially busy as she won one medal after another, including Gold at Guangzhou and Paris!



IFSC Tomoa Narasaki

Tomoa Narasaki (Bouldering)
Team Japan was particularly strong during the Bouldering events this year. Tomoa’s superb season was further recognized through a nomination for the Sahi Bikku Sports Award, a distinguished honor also given to medalists from the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics Games!

Great Britain

2017 IFSC Digimag 1 Shauna

Shauna Coxsey (Bouldering)
Shauna reminds us that a key element of training and recovery is having fun, like performing acrobatic antics with teammate Leah Crane. We wonder if this personality came across in her meeting with the Queen, when she received an MBE for her contribution to Sport Climbing!


Marcin Dzienski (Speed)
After being dubbed “the Usain Bolt of Speed Climbing” by the Olympic Channel, Marcin practically shot to fame overnight. Of course, winning in Paris in front of thousands also helped!


2017 IFSC Digimag 1 Iuliia

Iuliia Kaplina (Speed)
Iuliia not only became the season Speed champion, she was also awarded a Master Event title and travelled across the world.  Her joy in discovering new things is infectious and uplifting!


IFSC Sean Mccoll

Sean McColl (Combined)
The IFSC Athletes’ Commission President is well known as an advocate for all Sport Climbing disciplines. He is also a social media expert and Ninja Warrior in training!


Issue 1 - Spotlight on Edinburgh

Edinburgh hosts its first IFSC World Cup since 2003 on September 23-24th this year and takes on a double challenge, featuring both Lead and Speed.

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, affectionately known as ‘Ratho’ by climbers, is set in an old quarry used to make the paving stones of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Modern climbing walls have been set against the rock faces and roofed over to dramatic effect. Many top Sport Climbers know and love EICA Ratho as they have grown up taking part in the IFSC European and Youth World competitions that Edinburgh has been hosting since 2005. Now it is time to get serious with the First Senior World Cup since 2003.

There are some top local contenders; Edinburgh resident William Bosi learned to climb at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena recently came overall 2nd in the 2016 Youth World Championships in China, and will be competing for Team GB. Shauna Coxsey is also likely to make an appearance as she applies her incredible strength and technique to the Lead and Speed disciplines, broadening her skillset in preparation for Tokyo.

Other Scottish climbers such as Jonathan Stocking were podium finishers in British Lead Climbing Championships and should make the team selection for the World Cup, adding to the local faces at the competition.

Nic Crawshaw

Event Organizer

Edinburgh Figures:

+EICA Ratho Opened in 2003.

+Highest wall is 28 m.

+About 62 outdoor sites.

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Issue 1 - Plenary Assembly in "La Belle Provence"

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) will hold its 12th Plenary Assembly on March 11th in Quebec City, at the Delta Hotel. This event, organised in collaboration with Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) and the Fédération Québécoise de Montagne et d’Escalade (FQME), will be combined with the European, Asian and Pan American General Assemblies on March 10th 2017.

Apart from the major events that are the ISFC’s and the European and Pan-American Continental Councils’ assemblies, a new formula is being proposed this year with a series of workshops and conferences for the directors and administrators of the National Federations. Topics include the organisation and promotion of major events, equity in sports (specifically climbing), and the challenges and opportunities coming with the Olympics. Presenters will include Kimanda Jarzebiak, communications consultant and principal of Ascent Public Affairs, and Guylaine Demers, professor at the Department of Physical Education of Laval University, who specialised in equity issues in sport.

Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) is the federation responsible for climbing competition in Canada. The official Canadian IFSC member since April 2016, the CEC has developed a new structure and orientation for competitive Sport Climbing in Canada. It works closely with provincial federations, including the FQME, Quebec’s provincial federation created in 1969.

Quebec Figures:

+About 15,000 climbers currently climbing in Quebec Provence.

+20 dedicated climbing centres, of which 4 opened in 2016.

+About 62 outdoor sites

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Issue 1 - Letter from the Secretary General

2017 IFSC Digimag 1 DebbieEarly 2007, the members of the founding International Federation of Sport Climbing gathered in Frankfurt, Germany to vote in the new charter, by-laws and statutes of the new IFSC. We had all been involved for varying lengths of time: some from the very beginning of the ICC (International Council for Competition Climbing) and some, like myself, becoming involved later.

What impressed me most at the beginning of the IFSC was that we were transitioning from the fight for independence as a sports federation to a newer more stable functioning international governing body. This would take different skills, different roles and offer new opportunities that would eventually lead to realization of full Olympic participation as a medal sport.

In just 10 years, we rose from a new federation to become an Olympic sport, thanks to the vision of President, Marco Scolaris, the entire IFSC Executive Board, staff, athletes, member federations, event organisers, officials, volunteers, sponsors and media. It was a joint effort.

A look on our website shows current athletes and champions, as well as past and brings back wonderful memories of World Championships and Youth World Championships. Take a look at them.

And a special tribute to devoted supporters of climbing who left us this past year; John Ellison, founder of CAC (Climbers Against Cancer – ), the IFSC Official Charity, and Susi Knabl.

Debbie Gawrych

IFSC Secretary General


Issue 1 - Letter from the President

presidentOn January 27th, 2007, 57 National Federations unanimously founded the International Federation of Sport Climbing and now in 2017 we take a moment to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

That day in 2007 was not the beginning of international climbing competitions, but it was when we started our real climb. These ten years have brought us further, faster than anyone could have imagined and climbers will take part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, and in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018. 

Participation in the Olympic Games gives Sport Climbing dignity and recognition, opening the door for IFSC National Federations to work with National Olympic Committees. Soon we will be able to develop the sport in those areas of the world where it has not been possible so far, with the support of the IOC Solidarity programs.

As we celebrate we take a look back at the events and people who made the past ten years such a success. The first World Cups and youth events organized under the IFSC name took place in the spring in 2007, starting off a series which has reached from Europe across the globe. Over the years, more and more events have been added to the calendar: championships, continental and promotional events.

We also created a new adventure, paraclimbing competitions. Ours is a sport for all and everyone: at the wall and at the crag, at the World Championships and in life, we are one family, one sport and one world. These competitions help display the talents of many more athletes, who impress us again and again. Across the world people are inspired by climbers’ passion for their sport. They recognize that Sport Climbing can offer so much, serving as a social tool to make our society active in a better world. Spectacular, clean, young, fresh and dynamic: this is Sport Climbing.

Now we take a little rest celebrating our 10th anniversary, before we move in to our 11th year of life. The 2017 season is very promising and the Olympic Games preparation has started. This is the next route to climb and we want to be ready.

World up, keep climbing!

Marco Maria Scolaris

IFSC President

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