IFSC Official Climbing Wall Supplier:

We started it all 30 years ago, and since then our passion has remained intact. Today, the EP team has become a global, multicultural group combining the skills of all: climbers, engineers, designers, craftsmen and more. We continue to focus on our mission: Bringing climbing and its core values to everyone.

Recently, Top30 has joined the Entre-Prises Group, expanding our knowledge and versatility. We share over 50 years combined experience and over 6,000 climbing wall projects. The design and construction of competition climbing walls have been a part of the group since the beginning. We now provide the knowledge of organizing events with over 150 official competitions completed since 1994, including multiple IFSC Climbing World Championships. Our support is connected to several top athletes including Sasha DiGiulian, Adam Ondra, Ramon Julian and many more on a local level. Also we keep a steady involvement with local climbing associations around the globe including FEDME, FFME, USA Climbing, BMC, CMA and more.

We continue to be excited about the search for unique and elegant shapes, designing new climbing lines and pushing material and process innovations. We can't wait to show the world each new project and look to intrigue new climbers into this great sport.


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